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Lou Nigro's building background in the construction industry started while working in his father's family business, dating back to the 1950's.

With his father retiring in 1980, Lou used that opportunity to complete a degree in aviation management and spent the next 12 years as a corporate jet pilot.

Experience, gained from a business that demands responsibility and accountability, helps Lou bring that level of dedication to each project he undertakes. Taking advantage of opportunities which allowed Lou to return to his Nebraska roots, he returned to residential new construction in 1993.

In the Lincoln area LA Home Builders is now recognized in the building industry as a leader in raising the standard for new home construction and custom home building. This process happens on many levels. We can recommend, and use regularly, such technology as underground geo-thermal heating and cooling. Our homes can be fully electronically automated and we have the capability of packaging your home as an air tight "healthy home." Regardless of amenities or how you choose to finish your home, every project we build starts with a pre-engineered truss system and is built to perform for the next hundred years.


We have a wide pool of resources that we work from. Whether it is using 100-year-old reclaimed pine from New England to become an heirloom in your home or forging custom iron railings that bring design and architecture together, we have the necessary people and tools to make it happen. We restrict production levels of our custom homes to a schedule that allows us to individually focus on the level of design that we and our clients seek to accomplish.


Our services are structured so that we may work with each customer on a level that is most comfortable and beneficial to them. LA Home Builders offers three distinct service plans.


  1. Our first and most popular is used when our customer has selected LA Home Builders as their design and build team. At this point we can create a custom home plan specifically designed to maximize the advantages of your property and accomplish your goals for both design and budget.. We work with you to create the home that will grow with you and your family. The planning time we spend together allows us to form an important relationship that gives us the necessary tools to make suggestions and bring the design of your home to the highest level possible. This benefits our customers as well, because in learning what you want in your new home, we can give a true custom home proposal that reflects your desires. Not just a run of the mill generic estimate on cost. That means less stress and fewer surprises later on.
  2. For those clients that want a unique home but have a house plan already selected, we can refine and develop it into a completed set of buildable blueprints with the LA Home Builders level of detail you desire
  3. LA Home Builders also has a portfolio of plans from which we build and continually have in various stages of production. Our "spec" houses are specifically designed for each individual property. This allows you the LA Home Builders quality and detail and can give you a home that will be completed based on your needs.


At LA Home Builders we consider ourselves students of architecture and design, and we consider our customers the catalyst for challenges that expand the breadth of our professional home building skills on every level. When you offer a product that involves truly custom details, a direct link to the job site construction process is vital. To break the line of communication and add middlemen to interpret our details jeopardizes the finished product.

Lou takes on the roll of builder as well as job foreman and supervisor. This provides the direct link that our customers need to accomplish the details we design. Having the personnel our client works with on the jobsite on a daily basis minimizes confusion and delays.

Coordinating details between the customer and LA Home Builders construction team is Lisza Coffey, Design Coordinator for LA Home Builders. Lisza directs the design process from conception of plans through the completion of building of the house. During construction she will guide you through the maze of possible selections to create an environment that accomplishes what feels like your home. We work hard at taking into consideration your budget and we feel a great responsibility in the trust you've placed with us in building your new home. Financially this is one of the biggest investments if not the biggest investment you can make and we understand that. Ask around, our past clients tell us that by guiding you through the process we keep the stress of new home building to a minimum and we make it exciting and fun.

For those clients who want a truly customized home, we have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish those things. We give our clients the courage to do unique things in their home and be confident it will turn out right.



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